Solutions by Industry

Local Governments and Municipalities

Our ENERPEL™ pellets reduce biomass landfill volume assisting local and municipal governments with their increasing landfill costs and restrictions in managing household waste and sewage.

Manufacturers & Energy Producers

ENERPEL™ pellets can be used as an alternative green energy feedstock. Pellets are used as a biofuel creating a new additional source of sustainable energy for manufacturers and energy producers.

Agricultural Producers

Our FERTIPEL™ pellets provide a new approach to agricultural management. By reutilizing and managing agricultural waste products, FERTIPEL™ enables an efficient and cost effective fertilizer.
FERTIPEL™ pellets can be used as effective, high yield fertilizer pellets that are odorless and environmentally friendly. These fertilizer pellets are easily transported, stored and far more usable. FERTIPEL™ pellets do not experience run offs of NPKs like traditional fertilizers and hence are much more effective and economical.

Industrial Producers

Through our CLEANPEL™ technology, we provide safe and effective industrial hazardous waste management and environmental clean up solutions.

Our CLEANPEL™ pellets help our customers meet local, state and federal regulations in dealing with PFAS contaminated waste, water and soil contaminants, and oil spills.

CLEANPEL™ can directly address the PFAS concerns of many industrial producers.