Unique Technology

Plug and play low cost
and low energy pelletization delivery

Diverse Circular Economy Applications

Waste management, biofuel
and fertilizer creation

Next Generation Solutions

Efficient and effective low
environmental impact solutions

Innovative Biomass and Bio-waste Management through Next Generation Patented Technology providing Targeted Energy and Environmental Solutions

Pelleton Renewables is a world leader in biomass and bio-waste management technology.

We use an innovative proprietary, patented, and cost-effective chemical desiccation process that breaks away from the conventional heating, filtering, and centrifugal water removal methods in waste management and recycling processes, advancing sustainability.

Pelleton Renewables have produced a leading edge technology that economically produces low-moisture pellets from biomass and bio-waste. This technology creates low volume pellets from sewage and sludge which significantly reduces landfill volume constraints. 

This new technology has the following additional solutions:

Energy solutions

Biofuel pellets

Fertilizer solutions

Fertilizer pellets

clean up solutions

Absorber pellets

Patents have been granted in the USA, Australia and Indonesia with multiple patents pending in other jurisdictions.  

Three unique products have been developed which will revolutionize biomass and bio-waste management, biofuel and fertilizer creation, as well as environmental clean up.

ENERPEL™, FERTIPEL™ and CLEANPEL™ provide both energy and environmental solutions by capturing value from waste through innovative resource solutions.

New Patented Technology Accelerating the Road to a
Circular Economy

Proprietary & Patented ENERPEL™, FERTIPEL™ and CLEANPEL™ Technologies

Introducing our proprietary and patented ENERPEL™ and FERTIPEL™ technologies which process BIOMASS and BIO-WASTE into carbon neutral PELLETS for use as a FUEL or FERTILIZER.

In addition our third proprietary product, CLEANPEL™, which has been developed to provide environmental clean up solutions. It addresses per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) contamination issues as well as oil spillages, and has been registered and is pending worldwide patents.